Fairy ABC Friends

fairy abc

Here I will be posting photos of people I’ve met on Fairy ABC! * will keep updating *


Arianna Bumbledust  ( Talent: animal )

friends 2

April Diamondfeather ( Talent: Unknown )

friends 3

Dawson (  Talent: Animal ) , Arianna Bumbledust ( Animal ) , and Mia ( Talent: Unknown )friends 4

Arianna Cottonflash ( Talent: Unknown )


Lotuscup ( Talent: Unknown ) * ignore the red mark *



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Fairy ABC

Hey fairies!

It’s been no secret that a new site, Fairy ABC, has been in the works for quite a while. a Few months ago, it became accessible to the public. I’ve been away from the community for a while, so I just found out today while on youtube!

I decided to show you how to make a fairy, and how to play in the world 🙂

  1. First, go to fairyabc.com/user

*Make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox


2. You will arrive to this page, if you have not created an account yet, click “Sign me up”


3. Enter a Username, email, and a password. Then click “Sign me up”.

4. You will be brought to a page where you will enter your email and password.

5. Click the orange Play button!

6. Since this is your first time logging in, it will take a long time to load. It brings you to a black screen


Eventually, the a little loading screen will pop up. Have patience, it takes time to load completely.


7. It takes some time to let you click the skip button, so keep trying until it lets you 🙂


TIP: Keep your volume on! It brings back so many memories 😀

8. Pick a fairy or sparrowman and then a TALENT!

9. Choose a name! ( It may be a bit glitchy, but it’ll work )


10. Choose a server, at the moment the only available server was Moon Paddock. ( If you get a black screen, or it won’t load, go to fairyabc.com/server and make your own )


11. Click Play! ( if the button does not appear, and the click here button also does not work, refer back to step 10 with the create your own server )



From this point on, you are in game and can roam around as you wish. But keep reading if you want to some tips!


The dreaded zero. If you click a place to go ( for example, I clicked cottonpuff field ) then reload the page and try again. If it says “you are to traveling to * insert place name* then it will work.


Uh, okay. The game spawns you in completely random. But alas! Let us go buy some clothes 😀


When you want to enter a store, DON’T click the little picture/icon. Instead, click the sign with the name. This will prevent a glitch.


At the moment, the only option working is Shop Store, so click on that and it will take you to all the things you can get!


Click Get to “purchase” the item. Right now you have no ingredients or diamonds, so you can get anything. There is also no membership, so everything is available to everyone. Keep in mind your journal does not keep all the things you get, so to change clothes you must enter a store and get the items you wish to wear.


Yes, you can go to cherry blossom heights and dye your clothes!

I hope this helped, have fun playing!

I’m River Seaspring, and my sister is Crystal Pollenray! If you see us, don’t be afraid to say hi 🙂

*page will be updated as I discover more tips and tricks*

Create a Fairy: France

Hey fairies! I’m pretty sure most of you assumed I forgot about this blog, but I didn’t!
I was thinking of ideas on what to blog about 🙂

What’s this about a Talent Appreciation Week? I’m afraid I missed it, but I hope you all had fun with it ❤

Let’s get started on creating my fairy!

create a fairy

Awwwwww, I remember this sign! *sniffle*

Well, this surely helped me work on my French!

create a fairy 2

I always make my fairies as petite as possible 😀


I made sure to stick with cool colours, to really bring out my water fairy-ness! :p


The final outcome! I tried to find a name that was close to “River Seaspring”, but there was none. So I went with something completely different, and chose “Pia.”


This was my younger sister’s fairy, which she recreated after her old one. Her original name was “Crystal Pollenray”, which they had a VERY similar name in this version!

Her talent is light 🙂

moms attempt

This is my mom’s fairy! She chose the animal talent 😀 I think she turned out really cute 😛

That was it!

I hoped you enjoyed ^.^

~Fly with you later